Hockey Resources

For information about current successes and results, check out the Slazenger England Hockey League website.

For match schedules and results, as well as information on ticket prices and tourist information see theSuper Cup website.

The World Cup Hockey Website provides information about all past games, players’ rankings, highlights of previous games, a history of the competition, as well as information about forthcoming events.

The European Hockey Website provides details on all professional hockey players throughout Europe, including their rankings, teams they have/are playing for and all their major successes. The site also gives information about recent games in the European leagues.

The Hockey Review is a website for hockey players made by hockey players. It provides up-to-date information about equipment, clothing and accessories for amateur to professional needs.

The International Hockey Association provides up-to-date information about hockey games and players across the globe. The website also provides details of governing rules from the International Rules Board. The site is also essential for all umpires of the sport.

There are hundreds of hockey clubs across the United Kingdom; the Hockey Network provides details on each.