Getting Started with Hockey in the UK

Hockey is now widely played in many schools and universities across the UK and this is one of the best ways to get into and practice hockey. However, there are other ways to learn and play hockey throughout the country. Getting started in hockey is relatively inexpensive, with equipment being very cheap to buy and easily borrowed from most clubs and organisations. There are approximately 1,050 hockey clubs across the UK, who all actively encourage new people to start playing the game.

England Hockey is an organisation dedicated to improving hockey within England. They encourage more people to play the game, aim to give English hockey success at international level as well as continuing to improve the facilities available for hockey players. English hockey operates from 5 regions throughout the country; north, south, east, west and midlands.

Each region has its own main base which can provide details about how to get involved in hockey in that area. All have a website giving contact details and providing information about clubs, apart from the west region. For information in this area see the England Hockey Website for contact details for the region. Scotland also has its own regional panel, as does Wales and Ireland.

England Hockey Youth Panel
This panel was founded in 2003 with the aim of encouraging more young people to get into hockey. It also aims to represent young people at a professional level by introducing competitions. Information about how the panel is represented in your area can be found from the regional English Hockey panels.